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Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to send television programming to your TV. IPTV uses a broadband Internet connection for top level programming directly to your home without a satellite dish. Just install our app on any approved device to your Internet, then sit back and enjoy.

We support all devices – phones, computers, tablets, smart tvs (with google play), browsers, set-top boxes, android boxes, amazon devices, vlc xbox and many other devices!

Just message us on 

Facebook @ https://www.Facebook.Com/patriotservicetv

Telegram @ https://t.Me/joinchat/bctefwiiyom2ztax 

We will respond with your trial login details asap.

We accept many forms of payment ie. Cashapp / venmo/ zelle/ debit-credit-gift cards.
1. Website- (reoccuring payments via Card)- Ironpatriottv.Com/store
2. Cashapp- $patriottele.
3. Venmo- @dsmith2206
4. Paypal- Ruiz_gabz@yahoo.com
5. Zelle- msg us on Facebook or Telegram

Once you have completed the payment please screenshot and send it to us on Facebook or Telegram. This will help expedite the login creation/renewal process.


Account creations/renewal times can vary. 10min-24hr. The quickest way is to message us on Facebook or Telegram with payment screenshot
Facebook – Https://www.Facebook.Com/patriotservicetv
Telegram – Https://t.Me/joinchat/bctefwiiyom2ztax

We have over 4,000 channels and 16,000 vod (videos on demand). If you watch it on cable we are 99% likely to have it. We do not have a channel list however you can get a free 24 hour trial just message us on Facebook or Telegram

We strive to provide you with a high level of service at very discounted rates. So please keep this in mind first and foremost.
Like Satellite and Cable TV which can be affected, IPTV can also have the same issue from time to time. Usually this will happen as a server is updating. However on the premium channels such as ESPN+, the channel may not go LIVE until the actual event begins.
If a channel is down, we will do our best to quickly restore it. Please follow the guidelines below before reporting a channel:
1) Give it a couple of minutes. We reboot and swap channels when needed and the channel may be in the process of updating. Select a different channel and try your original channel again.
2.) Is this happening on all channels? If so, the problem is on your end. Please confirm you are using a strong WiFi signal that gives a download speed of at least 25Mbps. This should allow you to stream all of the HD content without issue. For best results, connect with a LAN (Ethernet) cable to your device instead of using WiFi.
3.) Also try going into the app settings and clearing the Cache and/or Data. Clearing Data will require you to re-input the username and password.
4.) Lastly try turning your devices of, wait for 30 seconds, and on again, as well as cycling your modem/router’s power button. This should clear all cache and the streams should play.
-If you are still experiencing severe buffering and have tried all of the steps above, please send a message us on Facebook or Telegram so that we may find a solution as quickly as possible.
One subscription can work with as many devices needed, however  you must purchase the appropriate package to fit your needs. If you have only purchased a plan with one connection, please be aware that 1 subscription can be used on multiple devices, but you can only watch on one device at a time.
For example: If you purchase the 5 connections plan, any 5 devices can access Live TV and Video on Demand at the same time. Keep in mind a sixth device will not be able to connect until one of the others has logged out.

Yes we do! There is a ppv sub category where all ppv will be. This folder will sometimes only be viewable when there are actuall ppv events. If there is an event on and you are not seeing it please ensure to restart your device or click the update content button!

Unfortunately this decision needs to be made at the start. Either with or without Adult Channels. Once active, they cannot be added or removed until renewal of your subscription. Early renewal is available and tacks onto your service/time if you would like to complete the action.

Once accounts are created passwords can not be changed. If you have lost your passwords please message us on facebook or telegram with your username and we will help you recover your password.

No there are no refunds! We offer a free 24 hour trial so you can “Try before you buy”

The best ways are via Facebook and Telegram. Email is ok as well but is the slower method.
Facebook- https://www.Facebook.Com/patriotservicetv
Telegram- https://t.Me/joinchat/bctefwiiyom2ztax
Email- ironpatriottv@gmail.Com

We do offer a reseller program. All resellers receive their own Panel Login in which they can create/manage their own customers. Reseller program is a great way to build your own additional income. Contact us if interested. Start up cost is required.

At this time we do not support direct browser capabilities.

*Windows computer you can simply download iptv smarters for windows. You will utilize your login info with a server url that can be provided upon request.

* Android based tablets. Google filelinked- download app from website- open use filelinked store code 10331688 to download your perferred app- login with your login info.

* Apple computers and apple 4th gen tv- download IPTV smarters app. You will utilize your login info with a server URL that can be provided upon request.

Android – google filelinked- download app from website- open use filelinked store code 10331688 to download your prefered app- login with your login info. 

Iphone – download iptv smarters app. You will utilize your login info with a server url that can be provided upon request.

1. Download the downloader app on your firestick.
2. On downloader main screen in the box type troypoint.Com/fl (this will download filelinked)
3. If required go to firestick settings- my device- developer options- allow unknown sources.
3. Open filelinked use file store code 10331688 (this will never change)
4. Dismiss the pop up
5. Click the recommended app one time to download then click again to install. Once installed click open and login with your login info.

Patriot Service

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With other services, when you exceed your bandwidth limits, they will slow down your connection and lower the quality of your picture, not with us!


Our service is 100% Trustworthy, and we deliver excellent customer service.


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With amazing quality and speed, save hundreds of dollars now!